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Off-Grounds Services: You Make the Call

For now, imagine that you are the landlord. You've listed your apartment on the UVA Off-Grounds property listings and advertised in the Cavalier Daily and the Daily Progress. After the first day, you have received over 50 telephone calls/messages. Consider the calls below and decide which message entices you to call back and schedule an appointment for viewing the property.

CALLER #1: Uh, yeah, my name is Chris. I'm at 555-5555. Thanks. (spoken very quickly)

CALLER #2: Hi! My name is Chris Cavalier, and my number is 555-5555, again that is 555-5555. I'm interested in your rental at 1234 14th Street. I'm a Third Year at the University majoring in Anthropology. I have decided to live off-Grounds for the coming school year, and am looking for an apartment close to Grounds. I do work part-time, and my parents are willing to co-sign a rental agreement. I'd really like to make an appointment to see the place, so I'd appreciate a call back. Again, that's Chris Cavalier, 555-5555 and I am available to talk today between 1:00 and 3:00, or tomorrow morning until 1:00. Thank you.

I'm sure that in your role as a landlord, you can see several reasons why CALLER #2 is much more likely to get a call back.

  • CALLER #2 speaks clearly and slowly and repeats the number for the return call.
  • CALLER #2 gives personal information and credentials indicating that s/he is responsible and able to pay the rent.
  • CALLER #2 gives an indication of how s/he is able to pay the rent.

Remember - speak clearly and slowly and repeat your phone number for the return call, and then be available and prepared for the conversation when the call is returned. Use the Search Sheet (XLSX) to note the day and time you called.