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Off-Grounds Services: Tenant Responsibilities

You must keep your rental unit clean and sanitary, and dispose of garbage in a proper manner. You must use all electrical, gas and plumbing fixtures properly and keep them clean. You may not damage or remove any part of the rental unit, facilities, equipment or common grounds.

You are responsible for immediately notifying the landlord about problems such as needed repairs or missing safety features (for example, a leaky toilet in your apartment can cause damage to the unit beneath yours if not reported). For safety features like a smoke detector that isn't working, the landlord should correct the problem as soon as possible. For non-emergency repairs, such as a non-functioning furnace during warm weather, allow the landlord a few days to get estimates and identify someone to make the necessary repairs.

Always notify the landlord about any problems either in person or over the telephone. Follow that first notification with a signed and dated letter noting the problems. Putting the issue in writing will not only look businesslike, but it also will establish a record if there are problems later on.

If the landlord does not respond in a timely fashion, contact the Off-Grounds Housing Office and we'll help you determine the next step, which might include Student Legal Services.