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Alderman Road Residence Area

[Area Photo]Alderman Road Residence Area consists of 11 buildings, housing up to 1750 residents. Eight buildings have hallway-style double rooms with shared common areas on each floor. Three buildings are suite-style, with a common living area, bathroom, and 5 double bedrooms accommodating 10 residents per suite.

The Houses of Alderman Road include: Balz-Dobie, Cauthen, Courtenay, Dunglison, Fitzhugh, Kellogg, Lile-Maupin, Shannon, Tuttle-Dunnington, Watson-Webb and Woody. Gibbons House will open in August, 2015 and will house 204 additional residents.

See the Alderman Road Project page and Replacement Project FAQ for information on building projects in the Alderman Road area.

Bus Routes: NorthLine, Outer U-Loop, Inner U-Loop

Map of Area (PDF)

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Furnishings & DimensionsFacilities & Services
Each bedroom is furnished with the following items:
  • 2 extra-long twin beds [80" x 36"] *
  • 2 desks (some with carrels) and chairs
  • 2 built-in closets with drawers in Courtenay, Dunglison and Fitzhugh
  • 2 wardrobes in all other buildings
  • Wastebasket
  • Window blinds (must be left in place)
  • Wireless connection to the University's computer network
  • Air conditioning in all buildings except Courtenay, Dunglison and Fitzhugh

  • * Note: Woody has captain's beds with drawers, and Balz-Dobie, Kellogg, Lile-Maupin, Shannon, Tuttle-Dunnington and Watson-Webb have junior lofts and dressers.

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Facilities and Services in the area:
  • Laundry facilities located in Balz-Dobie, Cauthen, Kellogg, Lile-Maupin, Shannon, Tuttle-Dunnington & Watson-Webb, and nearby Gooch 382
  • Large meeting and TV lounges
  • Group study rooms
  • ATM machine
  • Mailrooms in Cauthen and Shannon
  • Commons Building
  • Observatory Hill Dining Hall
  • The Crossroads Grill
  • Aquatic & Fitness Center
  • Slaughter Rec Center
  • Scott Stadium
  • Emergency phones and lighted pathways