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Roaches and Other Pests

To prevent the presence of household pests, your apartment/house will be inspected by Facility Management's exterminator following a 30/60/90 day schedule. If, in the exterminator's opinion, treatment is necessary, the area of concern will be treated. Areas most often treated are baseboards, closets, and behind the stove and refrigerator.

Treating an apartment will not keep pests away, if the home continues to provide an environment that is conducive to their survival. Once you have moved into your apartment, prevention becomes your responsibility. Your role is to maintain your apartment in a clean and sanitary condition. Following are some suggestions which will help keep your apartment free from roaches and other unwanted pests:

  1. Keep food covered and/or refrigerated. Eliminate as much grease and crumbs as possible.
  2. Do not allow dirty dishes to remain on the counter tops or in the sink overnight or for a prolonged period of time.
  3. Keep the tops of kitchen cabinets clean.
  4. Clean the floors and appliances regularly, especially around the stove and refrigerator.
  5. Keep the shelves and drawers clean and dry.
  6. Do not keep garbage under the sink. It is the perfect habitat for roaches.
  7. Daily removal of trash is strongly recommended. Do not allow your garbage to accumulate.
  8. Report all leaking/dripping faucets or pipes immediately so that Facilities Management can repair them. Do not provide roaches with possible water sources.
  9. Limit accumulation of dirty laundry.

Roaches depend on humans for their survival - don't let them depend on you. Repeated treatment made necessary by unsanitary/unclean conditions could result in termination of your lease.

If you have pest problems, please enter an online work order or call the Facilities Management Service Desk at (434) 924-3053 with any questions.