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Residential Leadership Experience

Residential Leadership Experience (RLE) offers opportunities for students living in on-Grounds residential communities to lead and foster growth within their association and across the University through the core values of academic inquiry, diversity, community outreach, health and wellness, programming, and personal enrichment.

Jointly operated by Housing & Residence Life and the UVA Alumni Association, RLE helps students develop a well-rounded set of practical leadership skills, provides opportunities to interact with faculty and staff across Grounds, and brings together motivated student leaders who are dedicated to serving the needs of their class.

RLE is one comprehensive, self-governed program made up of two organizations:

  • Association Council:
    An Association Council (AC) is a representative body made up of students from each set of associated on-Grounds residence halls. The Association Council is advised by the association's Senior Resident, a student member of the Resident Staff Program who lives in the residence hall alongside Resident Advisors. Students join Association Council to make the residence hall feel more like home by organizing fun and inclusive social programs and community service opportunities, and by developing a strong residential community. Association Councils also collaborate with each other to create programming for entire residential areas, as well as across First Year and Upper Class communities.

  • First Year Council:
    First Year Council (FYC) is the representative body of undergraduate students in their first academic year at the University. It is made up of RLE representatives to FYC from each set of associated residence halls, as well as from the Residential Colleges. As a "special status" organization, FYC acts as an agent of the University and has a direct reporting relationship to the Alumni Association and the Office of the Dean of Students. FYC is charged with bringing the First Year class together in ways that build class identity. FYC fosters long-lasting affection directly for their class, the University, and by extension the Alumni Association. The First Year Council has its own constitution, officers, members and agenda that are separate from the University-wide Student Council.

To join RLE, students must run in the Residential Leadership Experience election in the fall. In order to be eligible to run in the RLE election, students are required to attend one information session to learn more about the details of the elections and procedures. More information can be found on the Facebook RLE Facebook page.

Residential Leadership Experience, Class of 2017