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Student Self-Governance

The Office of the Dean of Students describes student self-governance as "the entrustment of much decision making to students". Housing & Residence Life supports student self-governance through Resident Staff and by creating opportunities for students living on Grounds to experience leadership through community governance:

First Year Leadership Experience (FYLE)

First Year students are immediately given the opportunity to lead within their community through the First Year Leadership Experience. Students are elected to represent their residence hall or area on Association Councils, where they provide opportunities for residents to connect with one another, organize service projects, increase sustainability efforts and generally improve the quality of student life in their residence area. In addition, Association Council members may serve on the broader First Year Council, which plans programs to build community and class identity.

Upperclass Leadership Experience (UCLE)

Second, Third and Fourth Year students living on Grounds may pursue leadership within their communities through area councils. While UCLE is similar to the First Year model, it utilizes the increased knowledge and skills of students as they move beyond their first year. In addition to programming that brings the community together, students who participate in the UCLE focus on issues of particular importance to upperclass students such as career development, academic opportunities, and independent (apartment-style) living. Upperclass communities with large transfer student populations also elect an individual to represent transfer student interests.

Both residential community leadership experiences are overseen by the Program Coordinator for Leadership, an undergraduate student staff member of Housing & Residence Life.