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Opening Day Information

The following is some information you might find useful in preparing to move in to on-Grounds housing:

Move-in day box disposal

Move-in day is a great time to start recycling. Cardboard boxes will be collected in all on-Grounds residence areas. Please help us in this effort by bringing your COLLAPSED boxes to designated collection areas.

It is very important to recycle the boxes promptly after unpacking, to keep the hallways clear. Thank you for your assistance. Look for signs for the location in your area, or ask a Resident Staff member.

For more recycling and energy savings ideas, see our Green Move-In Tips.

Maintenance issues

After moving into your room, survey the condition of your room. Please see the descriptions of items that should be present in your room and the acceptable condition of the items.

If an item does not meet the condition described, an item is missing, or there is damage in the room, please submit an online work request. Damages that were not reported or that occurred after the start of occupancy will be the financial responsibility of the resident(s).

For routine maintenance during the remainder of your stay, please submit a work request using the same online form.

Security during move-in

Please be aware that with thousands of people moving onto Grounds, it will be an intense time. Many students' belongings look similar. Here are some things to keep in mind as you move your valuables into your new home:

  • Don't leave your belongings unattended. Someone might mistake your stuff for theirs.
  • Don't prop any doors open. Do not allow people you do not know to enter your room. Your roommates and suitemates will appreciate your concern for their safety.
ALWAYS, and especially during the frantic pace of move-in, keep your room door locked and your key/card with you.

In-room information

Decorations: As you start getting settled in your new home, please keep our room decoration policies in mind. The policies are designed to prevent fires and protect the safety of all residents.

Lofts: Lofts are not allowed in any area except the Lawn and Range, due to the type of bed used and/or the presence of sprinklers in the bedrooms. Elevating beds with cinderblocks is also not allowed.

Mattresses: Mattress size in most rooms is 36" x 80", twin extra long. Bed linens, including fitted sheets, are available in most stores. Also, Cavalier Computers at the University Bookstore offers a convenient way to purchase bed and bath linens.

Prohibited Items: There are some items that you must leave at home. Most important among these are candles, incense, other items that have an open flame, halogen lamps, and extension cords. We ask that you leave these items at home as their presence in the concentrated living space of a residence hall increases the risk of fire and is a violation of the University or State Fire Codes. For more comprehensive list, please see the Prohibited Items list.

After you arrive

ID Cards: All students need to have a University ID. If you did not pick up your ID card during Summer Orientation, you may pick up ID cards in the ID Office in Observatory Hill Dining Hall.

Mail: If you shipped some of your belongings to your on-Grounds address, package pick-up at Bice, Emmet, IRC, Lambeth, Runk and Shannon mailrooms will be available from 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m. on the Friday and Saturday of Opening Weekend. The mailrooms will be closed on Sunday, August 21st.

Starting on Monday, August 22nd, all Housing & Residence Life mailrooms will resume normal operations. See Mailroom Contact Info for details.

For Brown College residents, the Newcomb Hall post office will be open on Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The Newcomb post office will be closed on Sunday, and then open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday starting on August 22nd.

Please note, due to the heavy automobile traffic in these areas at move-in, it will be much quicker to walk to the mailroom!

Bicycles: Bike registration: If you are bringing a bicycle to the Grounds, please register it with the UVA Police. Registration will aid in identification, should your bike become lost or stolen. During Opening (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), Police staff will be located in front of Gilmer Hall on McCormick Road, for your convenience in registering your bicycle. There is NO FEE for this and registration is good for five years, unless you sell your bike. After Opening, you may register your bicycle at the University Police Department at 2304 Ivy Road.

Don't have a bike yet? Stop by UVA Parking & Transportation's On Grounds Bike Sale to purchase one, or to pick any biking accessories you might need.

Need Help? Questions or issues after you arrive? Ask the resident staff in front of your building for assistance. If someone is not readily available, call Housing & Residence Life at 924-3736. Regular office hours are 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday; however, Housing & Residence Life will be open 8:00am-5:00pm on Opening Saturday and 10:00am-4:00pm on Opening Sunday.

Renter's insurance

Be aware that the University is not liable for loss of, or damage to, personal property. You should consider coverage under a parent's homeowners' policy and/or securing Renter's insurance on your own. In addition, you may want to:
  • Tag clothes for identification.
  • Inscribe valuables (UVA Police provides this service at no cost).
  • Leave family heirlooms and other valuables at home.
  • Record serial or other numbers, make and model numbers of computers, sound equipment, etc.
  • Bring a sturdy, lockable box.
  • Never keep an excess of cash in your room.