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Bed Bug Information

Video courtesy of Bed Bug Central TV.

For more information, see our Bed Bug Awareness Sheet.

Travel Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs

While you are doing your pre-trip research, check any hotels or hostels you might stay at on websites like TripAdvisor, HotelChatter and Bed Bug Registry. There are no guarantees that a traveler will report a bed bug infestation at a hotel or hostel, but you do reduce the chances by doing some research ahead of time.

A few tips to avoid picking up bed bugs when traveling:

  • Use hard, smooth-sided suitcases if possible
  • Pack a flashlight, rubber gloves and magnifying glass to inspect room, bed, and furniture
  • Put bags in bathtub or shower upon arrival while checking your room
  • Use metal luggage stand away from walls and furniture
  • Leave lamps and lights turned off while checking room; use flashlight
  • Don’t use hotel drawers without inspecting first
  • Check beds, mattress seams, box springs for signs of bugs
  • Check linen for signs of old blood spots
  • Consider using resealable plastic bags for items in your luggage
  • If you find bed bugs in your hotel room, notify the front desk immediately. Request to be moved to a non-adjacent room, or switch hotels.