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Leadership Opportunities

Big Events

Big Events helps to plan programs for members of the Resident Staff Program. These have ranged from a Trick-RA-Treat Halloween program, to RA Prom (PRAM) as well as numerous cookouts, games nights and other opportunities for RAs to connect with one another.

Committee on Multi-Culturalism

The purpose of the CoM is to provide RAs with the tools to plan programs and confront issues in their communities, and to help RAs grow in their personal understanding of multicultural issues. The committee also works to build connections between diverse University groups and Resident Staff. Examples of CoM programs include bi-weekly movie screenings for RAs and an annual dialogue with groups that represent the interests of multicultural students on Grounds.


The Resident Advisor selection process is entirely student run, led by an undergraduate Program Coordinator, who selects a group of 4-5 RAs to serve as Assistant Program Coordinators (APC) and design the entire process, from start to finish. RAs are encouraged to participate in the Selections effort by joining a committee headed by an APC, to accomplish a range of tasks including marketing, promotion, use of technology, revision of application/interview/scoring formats, etc.

National Residence Hall Honorary

Our chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is an honorary society dedicated to recognizing the people and programs that strengthen our residential communities. NRHH holds two inductions during the academic year with membership limited to the top 1% of leaders on Grounds. NRHH regularly accepts nominations for "Of The Month" awards (OTM's). Select OTM winners are then considered for regional and national awards. To nominate a person or program for a monthly award please visit

"Being an RA teaches you how to balance your academic, social, and personal life. It has helped me to prioritize what I am doing outside of classes at UVA, as I have learned how to manage my time effectively in order to be able to do everything I am involved in."
-Sophie, College '13