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Job Performance


Once in the fall (early October) and once in the spring (late February), we solicit anonymous feedback from residents about the job RAs are doing in the residential communities. RAs are provided with this feedback and follow-up with their SR to discuss any concerns and plans for improvement, as well as things that they are doing very well. Any resident who wishes to speak directly to a professional staff member in Housing & Residence Life is also given the option to request this as part of the evaluations process.

"This commitment is more than a one-year job. In many ways it is a lifestyle that will influence you positively in years to come. Being an RA gave me the opportunity to obtain a set of professional and personal skills, which I couldn't have gotten through any other collegiate experience, particularly in such a positive environment."
-Taylor, College '14

Appraisal Board

If any job performance issues come into question our program empowers students to decide whether or not their fellow colleagues are meeting the expectations of the program. The Appraisal Board consists of the Chair of Resident Staff, the Vice Chair of Professional Expectations and Promotions, 4 Senior Residents, 2 RAs, 1 Area Coordinator, 1 Assistant Dean and the Assistant Director of Assignments. Any job performance concerns are brought to this board which will meet with students to discuss job performance and set up plans to improve, or remove RAs from the program if it is deemed that they are not capable of continuing in their position.