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Recycling by Residents

In the first-year and upperclass housing areas on Grounds, students use a 2-sort container (see below) in their rooms. These containers can be found outside next to trash and recycling bins. Contact UVA Recycling at (434) 982-5050 or e-mail if there are none left in your area.

2-sort container

Glass, aluminum, steel and plastic go in one side, and mixed paper and cardboard goes in the other.

Please break down your cardboard, empty and rinse all containers, and remove caps from plastic bottles.

Residents are asked to empty 2-sort containers at the recycling bins located adjacent to the trash dumpster in each residential area. Cardboard can also be broken down and placed next to these containers.

Recycling bins Universal beverage container

For more information, please visit UVA Recycling.