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Transportation Alternatives

One of the most important ways you affect your environment is by the transportation you choose to use. The University of Virginia and the City of Charlottesville are well equipped for non-automobile transportation. Use alternative travel whenever possible.

  • Instead of driving alone - take the bus or carpool! University students and staff can ride UTS and CTS buses at no charge by showing UVA identification. For bus routes please go to:
    Travel by bicycle
  • Instead of traveling by bus or carpool - walk, bike or rollerblade! These ways of getting around Grounds are healthy, good for the environment and easy. Check the Bike Smart Map to find available bike routes.

  • When driving is a must...
    • Service your vehicle according to manufacturer recommendations to keep it in top working condition.
    • Maintain proper tire pressure.
    • Drive the speed limit.
    • Turn off your car when in the drive thru line, stopped in traffic or at a light. You will save fuel and reduce emissions.

For more information about UVA alternative transportation options and programs, please see UVA Parking & Transportation.