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On Being Human: undergraduates lecture on life, literature, and everything else

On Being Human still from Katy Hutto's talk

Last night, the Institute was proud to support the members of the undergraduate humanities initiative as they presented short readings on life, literature, and — like the title says — everything else: nostalgia, technology, giving, DFW, waiting, Beckett, the Little Mermaid, feminism, Coetzee… the list goes on. Enjoy!

Full description of the event:
Presented in cooperation with the Institute for the Humanities & Global Cultures and the Leadership Network, On Being Human is a night of 7 short lectures on what it means to be a human in the modern world.

Inspired by TED Talks and Look Hoos Talking, On Being Human is a forum for some of the University’s brightest undergraduates to talk about how they see the world & and their role within it. Each talk will be approximately 8 to 10 minutes in length. It is a night that promises to be thought-provoking, sincere, and a great way to clear your head before finals begin.

The speakers will be introduced by Professor Michael Levenson, Director of the Institute for the Humanities & Global Cultures, and William B. Christian Professor of English.

Our speakers are:

Hillary Hurd (at 08:35)
Aaron Eisen (at 11:50)
Zainab Al-Sayegh (at 22:05)
Emma DiNapoli (at 34:07)
Katy Hutto (at 39:55)
Charlie Tyson (at 50:12)
Eric McDaniel (at 1:03:02)