IHGC Events January 2013

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Wednesday, January 23

Medical Center Hour:
The New MCAT and Doctors for the 21st Century

12:30 - 1:30 pm
Jordan Conference Center Auditorium AuditoriumMap >

Darrell Kirch MD, President, Association of American Medical Colleges, Washington DC
Michael Levenson PhD, Department of English and Director, Institute for the Humanities and Global Cultures, UVA.

Friday, January 25

Guest Lecture: Anne Rademacher
Human Habitats and Ideologies of Sustainability in Kathmandu and Mumbai

1 - 2:45 pm
Brooks Hall, 2nd floor conference roomMap >

Dr. Rademacher is a candidate for one of three faculty positions to be filled this year in association with the Institute of Humanities and Global Cultures and under the auspices of The Cultural and Environmental Transformations in the Globalizing World search committee.
ABSTRACT: When is housing an environmental problem? In this talk, I draw from long-term ethnographic engagement with the biophysical, cultural, and political dynamics of urban river degradation in Nepal’s capital city to describe the ways that conflicting concepts of urban ecology were used to categorize urban space as either "land" or "river." As a consequence, thousands of informal settlements in the river’s riparian zone were either considered agents of degradation or icons of sustainability. When embedded in Nepal’s revolutionary political context, I further demonstrate the malleability of ecology in urban social life. I then turn briefly to more recent fieldwork among green design practitioners in Mumbai. Here, I consider how an emergent form of urban sustainability expertise, in this case environmental architecture, served as a critical arena within which ecologically appropriate housing was defined. In both cases, the social and political dynamics of sustainability in practice transform scientific concepts of ecosystem ecology into multiple and contested social practices of urban ecology.