University Wide Events August/September 2012

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Wednesday, September 26

The Medical Center Hour: Sex, Sin, and Science — Syphilis in America

12:30 - 1:30 pm
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History of the Health Sciences Lecture, presented by John Parascandola PhD, Department of History, University of Maryland, College Park MD

Thursday, September 27

Miller Center Forum
Michelle Dunne: Crisis in Syria

11 am
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The Miller Center welcomes Michele Dunne, director of the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, for this Forum. Dunne has served on the White House’s National Security Council staff, and the State Department’s Policy Planning and Bureau of Intelligence and Research’s staffs.

Thursday, September 27

Sociology Department Colloquium Series
Eva Illouz, "Why Love Hurts".

3:30 - 5 pm
Watson Manor on University Circle Map >

Eva Illouz, Professor of Sociology at Hebrew University, will give a talk on "Why Love Hurts."

Thursday, September 27

Newly Chaired Faculty Lecture: Prof. John Miller (Classics)

5 pm lecture, reception following
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The first in a series of public lectures by newly chaired professors in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Friday, September 28

Guest Lecture: Michael Adas

1 pm
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Michael Adas, Abraham E. Voorhees Professor of History at Rutgers University, will present a talk entitled, "Peasants and Subalterns: The Historical Anthropology of Guerrilla Warfare and the Making of the Vietnam Quagmire." Prof. Adas's research focus on include World War I, the Vietnam War and their global impact, including his books Everyman in Vietnam: A Soldier's Journey into the Quagmire, with Joseph J. Gilch; A Grave Dug in Flanders: World War I and the Crisis of the European World Order for the Cambridge University Press; and The Soldiers' Lament: Misbegotten Wars and the Decline of Great Powers for the Harvard University Press..

Friday, September 28

New Literary History Theory Seminar: Claire Colebrook

4 - 6 pm
Bryan Hall Faculty LoungeMap >

New Literary History, in conjunction with the Theory Group, is pleased to host Claire Colebrook on Friday September 28, 4-6 pm in the Bryan Hall Faculty Lounge. Currently the Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of English at Penn State, she taught previously at the University of Edinburgh and was recently Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Free University of Berlin. Professor Colebrook is a leading scholar in literary theory and poststructuralist philosophy and the author of eleven books, including New Literary Histories, Ethics and Representation, Gilles Deleuze , Understanding Deleuze, Irony in the Work of Philosophy, Deleuze and the Meaning of Life, and William Blake and Digital Aesthetics. We will be discussing two pre-circulated essays (Download here and here). All are welcome!

Friday, September 28

2012 Forum for Interdisciplinary Dialogue
Supposition, Fact, Fiction: Creating Truth, Engineering Reality

two day event, Sept 28 - 29
Bryan Hall Faculty LoungeMap >

In light of our impending doom this December 21st, Dr. Phil Plait will present a lecture entitled, "2012: We're All (Not) Gonna Die!" You have heard the rumors, the conspiracy theories, the internet scuttlebutt: the Mayans predicted the end of the world this winter. Books have been written, documentaries aired, even a major motion picture was made based on this idea. But is it real? In a word: nope. Dr. Plait will take you through the claims made by the doomsday-mongers and show why there’s nothing to fear. No mega solar flares, no galactic alignment, no giant asteroid impact… and, in fact, the Mayans didn’t even really predict the end of the world at all! Dr. Plait will use firm science and lots of humor to describe just why December 2012 will be pretty much like every other December on the calendar. Please register at the above address ( if you plan to attend. For more information, visit the FID's website:

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