The Humanities World Report

The IHGC enjoys an ongoing and productive collaboration with the Humanities World Report, a European-based research initiative that is ambitiously investigating the condition of the humanities across the world. The editors of the Report are Arne Jarrick (University of Stockholm), Poul Holm (Trinity College Dublin), and Dominic Scott (University of Virginia). The project is supported with funding from the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO Humanities). Further information can be found at

Through the generous support of the Humanities World Report, The IHGC was able to extend the range of scholars at our recent conference in Nanjing (May 2013). This approaching fall (October 2013), in our jointly sponsored conference on Cosmopolitanism, the HWR will support the participation of a number of scholars from Latin America, who will give the much-needed regional focus to our conversations on cosmopolitan thought and practice.