well being

Well Being and Good Living

These years are times of change, challenge, hope, failure, resilience and much else. Kierkegaard taught us that “life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” But during the university years we struggle to understand our lives in the throes of living them.

In each of four Thursday evenings this spring, a psychotherapist, a faculty member, and an undergraduate will give a brief statement on a central challenge to well being and good living. There will follow an open conversation among those at our workshop.


Thursday, February 7

Growing Up and Growing Older in the College Years.
Will it ever get better than this?

6 pm
Minor Hall 125

Opening remarks by Meg Jay and Michael Levenson.

Thursday, February 21

Face to Face, Facebook, or Facetime?
Lost online, just lost, or never lost?

6 pm

What place is there for solitude, self-reflection and privacy in the college years? Opening remarks by Michael Mason and Sophie Rosenfeld.

Thursday, March 28

What Do We Owe and What Do We Owe to Ourselves?

6 pm

Education, debt, and learning for its own sake. What are the trade offs? Opening remarks by Frederick Heisterman and Allison Alexy.

Thursday, April 11

Angst now and forever?
Is anxiety now a baseline reality?

6 pm

What path to flourishing in the university and beyond? Opening remarks by Andy Thomson and Mark Edmundson