well being

Well Being and Good Living

These years are times of change, challenge, hope, failure, resilience and much else. Kierkegaard taught us that ā€œlife can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.ā€ But during the university years we struggle to understand our lives in the throes of living them.

In each of four Thursday evenings this spring, a psychotherapist, a faculty member, and an undergraduate will give a brief statement on a central challenge to well being and good living. There will follow an open conversation among those at our workshop.


Thursday, February 7

Growing Up and Growing Older in the College Years.
Will it ever get better than this?

6 pm
Minor Hall 125

Opening remarks by Meg Jay and Michael Levenson.

Thursday, February 21

Face to Face, Facebook, or Facetime?
Lost online, just lost, or never lost?

6 pm

What place is there for solitude, self-reflection and privacy in the college years? Opening remarks by Michael Mason and Sophie Rosenfeld.

Thursday, March 28

What Do We Owe and What Do We Owe to Ourselves?

6 pm

Education, debt, and learning for its own sake. What are the trade offs? Opening remarks by Frederick Heisterman and Allison Alexy.

Thursday, April 11

Angst now and forever?
Is anxiety now a baseline reality?

6 pm

What path to flourishing in the university and beyond? Opening remarks by Andy Thomson and Mark Edmundson