In Conversation with Roland Barthes at the Collège de France:

A Workshop on his Recently Translated Final Lectures

Wednesday, October 2nd, 4:30pm

English Department Faculty Lounge, Bryan Hall

With the publication earlier this year of How to Live Together Roland Barthes’s four lecture courses at the Collège de France (1976-1980) have finally become accessible to English readers.

How to Live Together joins The Neutral (2005), and The Preparation of the Novel, I and II (2011). In these lectures, Barthes explores the irrepressible nature of subjective experience, intimate relations towards others and towards the world, analyses of microsocieties, ‘the Novel’ and writing, among other ideas. Scholars are beginning to address their theoretical importance within Barthes’s work and more broadly.

The Institute of Humanities and Global Cultures and the Theory Group will host a conversation around a selection from the lectures led by Professor of French Philippe Roger (also Director of Studies at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales and Distinguished Global Professor of French at NYU), and Adrienne Ghaly (PhD candidate, NYU).

All are welcome. Short Readings are attached below (available in both English and French)

2A Fragment on the Petite Bourgeoisie French

3A Barthes Essay 1978 Collège de France French Text

3 Barthes Essay 1978 Collège de France English

2 Fragment on the Petite Bourgeoisie English

1A Barthes Excerpts French

1 Barthes Excerpts English Text