Photo Submission - Submit 4 days prior to pick up

NEW STUDENTS ONLY! As a NEW University of Virginia incoming first-year, transfer or graduate student you are eligible to submit your photo online for your official University of Virginia Student ID Card. You will receive an email confirmation once your photo is processed.

Photo submissions are reviewed manually Monday - Friday. It usually takes several business days to process due to the volume received. (ID cards are not automatically printed when accepted.)

Your online photo submission offers you the opportunity to obtain your ID card faster at orientation instead of waiting in a long line to have it taken.

You can take advantage of this convenient option by following the instructions below:

Photo Requirements

BE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS. (See first example below for correct way.)

  3. Color photo ONLY
  4. Shows your head and shoulders ONLY
  5. Face forward and be centered
  6. Wear visible clothing contrasting to background
  7. Sized NO larger than 400 KB and approximately 500 x 500 pixels
  8. Saved as a .JPG

DO NOT submit a photo if it's:

  1. TOO DISTANT (below your shoulders)
  3. Showing a background other than white
  4. Uncentered
  5. Black and white

Choose your photo wisely. It will serve as your identity photo and be viewed by all University professors.

Photo Examples

acceptable nice smile photo unacceptable photo must face forward and wear contracting color unacceptable must include shoulders photo unacceptable must remove hats, sunglasses and background must be white photo

A smile is allowed.
Wear visible clothing contrasting to white background.

NO profiles.
Face forward, DO NOT tilt your head.


TOO close.
Shoulders MUST be included and image MUST be centered.

NO hats, sunglasses or any paraphernalia. Background should be solid white.

Photo Submitting

Use the following steps:

  1. Click on NETBADGE using your UVA computing ID and password. (A website will appear redirecting you to the Cavalier Advantage Online System.)
  2. Click on the "Submit ID Photo" button.
  3. Follow the instructions there.

Photo Submissions

  • Photo submissions are reviewed manually Monday - Friday. It usually takes several business days to process due to the volume received. (ID cards are not automatically printed when accepted.)
  • Photos can NOT be accepted any other way except through this website.
  • DO NOT send more than one photo with your original submission, or resubmit another one, or send one if we already have an existing photo.
  • DO NOT send a photo by email, fax or mail. The website is the ONLY way.
  • You can check the status of your photo by following the original steps under "Your photo MUST be submitted online... ". Your photo will automatically appear under "Current ID Photo".
  • If the photo you submitted is unable to be used or if you are unable to submit one, we will take your photo during your scheduled Summer Orientation.

Your University of Virginia ID Card will be issued to you during your scheduled Summer Orientation.*

Photo Tips


  • If you experience a problem submitting a photo, try a different browser or device. (Macs using Safari may have issues.)
  • Very large photos resized smaller may be unable to be submitted. The photo submission software reviews information behind the image. You may need to retake it in a smaller size.
  • Stretched photos may be due to incorrect sizing. Be sure to maintain constraint proportions.
  • Glare on glasses can be avoided with a slight downward tilt of your head or by turning off the camera flash.
  • Shadows in the background can be reduced or removed by positioning a backlight below you pointing upward and by minimizing the distance between you and the background.
  • Shadows on your face can be reduced by avoiding overhead lighting and making sure the lights on either side of you are of equal intensity.
  • High contrast can be avoided by using even lighting and appropriate camera settings. Use balanced lighting to minimize shadows on the face or under the chin.  
  • Photos are, also, affected by the type of light used. Avoid mixing incandescent and fluorescent lighting. The color balance selected on the camera should match the illumination.
  • Exposure problems can be avoided by using the recommended light arrangement and diffusing the light sources. Overexposure occurs when the film or camera sensor receives too much light, which results in a loss of resolution or fine detail in highlights and more graininess. Underexposure occurs when the film or camera sensor receives too little light, which results in loss of detail in shadows.

The University of Virginia ID Card Office reserves the right to refuse any photos that do not meet the requirements.


  • You MUST bring your original valid government issued photo identification card to obtain your official University of Virginia Student ID card. (Either your U.S. Driver’s License issued by DMV, U.S. Identification Card issued by DMV, U.S. Permanent Resident/U.S. Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Green Card, Passport book or U.S. Military ID Card. Note: We are NOT able to accept a U.S. Driver’s License stamped "void", a Passport "card" or a photocopy per Homeland Security.) Information on obtaining a U.S. Driver's License or U.S. Photo Identification card from DMV.
  • Your name and date of birth on your valid government issued photo ID must match the University's system exactly.