Visiting, Wage, Part-Time Identification Cards

Faculty/Staff ID cards are generally only issued to full-time, classified (receiving benefits) University-paid employees.

Visiting faculty and scholars, wage employees, adjunct faculty, post-docs, fellows, temporary employees, non-UVA employees, part-time employees (not receiving benefits), non-paid employees, and contractors, are NOT automatically eligible for a University ID card. Due to their status, they are not eligible for many University services. If their sponsoring department provides the University ID Card Office with the correct documentation and information, exceptions to the University Identification Card Policy can be made and ID cards can be issued on a justification basis.

The University ID Card Office needs the following information to produce an ID card. Please read these instructions carefully; the ID Card Office is unable to issue an ID card without the correct information.

  1. Employee must have an active computing ID*

  2. Employee must present either an original valid government U.S. Driver’s License, U.S. Identification Card, U. S. Permanent Resident /U. S. Department of Homeland Security/U. S. Green Card, Passport book (not card) or U.S. Military ID card. A photocopy of any of these document is NOT accepted per Homeland Security. Important: The name on the government issued photo identification must match the name in the University's system exactly.

  3. Employee must have a signed letter (see sample) from their UVA supervisor/department head on their UVA department letterhead addressed to the University ID Card Office stating the following:
    1. Employee name
    2. Date of birth
    3. UVA Computing ID*
    4. UVA Oracle Employee ID #*
    5. Length of assignment (month, day and year) (appears on card)
    6. Reason for needing ID card
    7. PTAO to cover card fee OR indicate employee to pay by cash or check.

*Contractors may not have a UVA computing or employee ID#.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Identification Card Policy or contact the ID Card Office by phone 924-4508 or fax 982-5173.