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Effects of sea level rise on wildlife and habitat - National Wildlife Federation

Extreme Weather Map - Natural Resources Defense Council

Hampton Roads and Flooding Woes - WHRO interview with Skip Stiles

Hampton Roads and Sea Level Rise - WHRO interview with Carl Hershner

Interactive map showing sea level rise effects - Sea Levels Affecting Marshes Model (SLAMM)

Inundation risk in the Chesapeake Bay - Clean Air, Cool Planet

Measure impacts of coastal flooding in a given location - VIMS Tidewatch

Norfolk and Climate Change - "Need to Know" on PBS

Report on Mid-Atlantic beach erosion - USGS

Surging Seas - An interactive map project by Climate Central

Community Efforts

Community stormwater management planning - Hampton Engages

Eastern Shore of Virginia Lidar Project (PDF)

Wetlands Watch - Adaptation Work

Wetlands Watch - Director's Blog



Sea Level Rise Adaptation at the Local Government Level - by Skip Stiles, Watershed Science Bulletin (PDF)

A "Toolkit" for Sea Level Rise Adaptation in Virginia – Stiles, 2010

Vanishing Lands: Sea Level, Society, and Chesapeake Bay – USFWS

A Picture Tells the Story of Future Coastal Flooding: Researchers explore new tools to raise public awareness, discussion - Maryland Sea Grant

How the New Flood Insurance Reauthorization and Reform Law Could Impact Adaptation Planning - Georgetown Climate Center

Potential Response to Sea Level Rise by VA Coastal Localities – VIMS

Incorporating Sea Level Change Scenarios at the Local Level - NOAA CSC

The Message Matters: Changing Communication about Climate in Virginia – NOAA CSC

Summary of Natural Resources/Shoreline Adaptation Strategy Recommendations - Virginia Commission on Climate Change (PDF)

The Eastern Shore of Virginia: Strategies for Adapting to Climate Change - The Nature Conservancy

Initiating Adaptation Public Policy Development - Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission (PDF)

Local Government Tools for Addressing Sea Level Rise in Virginia - Institute for Environmental Negotiation (IEN)

Sea Level Rise (General)

Hotspot of accelerated sea-level rise on the Atlantic coast of North America – Nature, 2012

Sea Level Rise Accelerating in U.S. Atlantic Coast – USGS, 2012

Sea Levels Rising Fast on U.S. East Coast – National Geographic

Fast-rising sea levels hit Atlantic coast hardest - CBS News

Global climate change: Underestimated impact of sea-level rise on habitat loss? – Science Daily

Significant Sea-Level Rise in a Two-Degree Warmer World – Science Daily

Coastline Erosion Due to Rise in Sea Level Greater Than Previously Thought, New Model Finds – Science Daily

Exceptional rise in ancient sea levels revealed – Science Daily

Marshes Hold Clues of Ancient Hurricanes – North Carolina Coastal Federation

Why Louisiana Is Sinking - PBS News Hour

Effect of Groundwater Use: Using Water from Wells Leads to Sea Level Rise, Cancels out Effect of Dams – Science Daily

Increasing speed of Greenland glaciers gives new insight for rising sea level – Science Daily


Climate Research

Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Nearing Critical 'Tipping Point' - Climate Central

Warmer temperatures make new USDA plant zone map obsolete – Science Daily

Sea surface temperatures reach record highs on Northeast continental shelf – Science Daily

Climate scientists put predictions to the test – Science Daily

250 years of global warming Berkeley Earth releases new analysis – Science Daily

Climate change may lead to fewer but more violent thunderstorms – Science Daily

Evidence of impending tipping point for Earth – Science Daily

Oceanic circulation Heat loss strengthens the gyre circulation – Science Daily

Today's climate more sensitive to carbon dioxide than in past 12 million years – National Science Foundation

Warming climate sees tundra turn to forest – Science Daily

Stalagmite research suggests Earth has two modes of responding to change – Science Daily

Global warming: New research blames economic growth – Science Daily

'Warming hole' delayed climate change over eastern United States – Science Daily

Hazard Mitigation

Report: Storm Surge Could Cost U.S. Hundreds of Billions – Climate Central

Hold the Salt: Coastal Drinking Water More Vulnerable to Water Use Than Climate Change – Science Daily

Local Planning

Climate Change in Hampton Roads Phase II: Storm Surge Vulnerability and Public Outreach – HRPDC, 2011

Chesapeake Bay Land Subsidence and Sea Level Change: An Evaluation of Past and Present Trends and Future Outlook – Boon et al., 2010

Sea Level Rise: Local Fact Sheet for the Middle Peninsula, Virginia – VIMS/MPPDC/VCZM/NOAA, 2010

Virginia Case Study Stemming the Tide: How Local Governments Can Manage Rising Flood Risks – Georgetown Climate Center, 2010

Birth of the Modern Chesapeake Bay Estuary Between 7.4 and 8.2 Ka and Implications for Global Sea-Level Rise – USGS, 2003

The Likelihood of Shore Protection along the Atlantic Coast of the United States. Volume 1: Mid-Atlantic. Report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Washington, D.C. – EPA/VIMS, 2010

Tools for Coastal Climate Adaptation Planning- Nature Serve, 2013

Planning Reports

Climate Change in Hampton Roads - Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (PDF)

Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan document library