APAG People

Core Faculty
Amb. W. Nathaniel Howell, Ph.D.
     Director - wnh@virginia.edu
Prof. R.K. Ramazani, S.J.D.
     Edward Stettinus Jr. Professor of Government & Foreign Affairs
     Research Assistant (vacant)
Associated Faculty
John Norton Moore
     Walter L. Brown Professor of Law
William B. Quandt, Ph.D.
     Harry F. Byrd Professor of Government & Foreign Affairs
Gregory B. Saathoff, M.D.
     School of Medicine, Psychiatry/Political Psychology
Elias M. Awad, Ph.D.
     Virginia Bankers Professor of Bank Management, McIntire School of Commerce
Julia C. Devlin, Ph.D.
     Senior Research Fellow, Regional Partnership Coordinator,
     Middle East/North Africa Region, The World Bank
Abdullah F. Ansary, S.J.D.
     Senior Research Fellow

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