About APAG

A Message from the Director of the
Arabian Peninsula & Gulf Studies Program
Amb. W. Nathaniel Howell, Ph.D.
Director, APAG

The Arabian Peninsula & Gulf Studies Program has been designed to advance the study of this crucial region.

The program is interdisciplinary in concept and will draw on the University's expertise in such areas as law, medicine, environmental sciences, and commerce to address the practical issues of security and development confronting the region.

As part of its effort to build bridges between UVa. and states of the peninsula and the Gulf, the program will also sponsor research by American and regional scholars.

Ultimately, Howell would like to see the Arabian Peninsula & Gulf Studies Program provide a model for other regional programs at the University. He would like the program to serve as the cornerstone for "a first-rate international policy institute" at the University.

Among APAG's priorities is building an archive of private sector historic documents to offer a unique resource to deepen analysts' understanding of the history of the Gulf region.

"We are particularly interested in preserving the archives of the oil companies going back to the beginning of the century," notes Howell. "We feel this endangered material will shed light on people of the day--which will in turn equip us better to address the present."

(Excerpted from Explorations, Spring 1995, published by the University of Virginia Office of the Vice President for Research and Public Service)

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