About the
Program on Leadership Studies for Keeping the Peace

at the University of Virginia
Institute for Global Policy Research

The Goal of the Program on Leadership Studies for Keeping the Peace is to promote a multi-national initiative to develop plans, doctrines, and training in a peaceful containment of conflicts.  It will focus on developing a continuous process facilitating both coalition-building and appropriate crisis resolution activities and societal trauma.  The thrust of the project is based on three points:
  1. Stabilization, mediation, and crisis-resolution efforts require diplomatic, economic, and military resources.  The resources have to be integrated in "Action Teams" specifically designed for each mission to promote greater efficiency and maximizing national and multi-national assets.

  2. In order to implement the directives of the global or regional systems an intermediate linking organization "Policy Direction Team" is required between the highest leadership (states, regional or multi-lateral or international organizations) and the operational mission.  Such a vital link is essential for interpretation of higher directives to operational instructions, especially relating to stabilization, mediation and crisis-resolution efforts.

  3. In order to accomplish the above, a multi-national, multi-agency and multi-professional response team is required.