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For general information contact:



(434) 243-1964

For information about some of the specific events contact the following:

Academic Symposium

Brandi Duncan

Senior Donor Relations Coordinator
Office of University Development
(434) 243-2163

Research/Scholarship Poster Competition

Cheryl Wagner

Executive Coordinator
Office of the Vice President for Research
(434) 243-1100


Parking and Transportation

(434) 924-7231


Teresa Hammond

University Bookstore
(434) 924-7212

Cavaliers Care: Day of Service

Elizabeth Bass

Executive Director
Madison House
(434) 977-7051

Alumni, parents, and friends outside of Charlottesville, please contact:

Elizabeth Muse

Program Director for Regional Engagement
Office of Development and Public Affairs
(434) 924-4123

Inaugural Walk

Kelly Bernier

Director of Fitness and Instruction
Department of Intramural-Recreational Sports
(434) 924-3791

Committee Members

Inauguration Steering Committee

Chair – Sharon L. Hostler


Arthur Garson, Jr.
Erika H. James
Patricia M. Lampkin
Louis P. Nelson
Leonard W. Sandridge
Robert D. Sweeney
Gweneth L. West
Debra A. Wharton

Subcommittee Chairs:
Angela M. Davis (Day of Service Subcommittee)
Pamela W. Higgins (Installation Ceremony and Logistical Support Subcommittee)
Robert C. Pianta (Committee on the Inaugural Academic Symposium)
Thomas C. Skalak (Research/Scholarship Poster Competition Subcommittee)
Associate Members:

Alexander G. Gilliam, Jr.
Susan G. Harris
Nancy A. Rivers
Carol S. Wood

Stewart H. Ackerly, Student Member of the Board of Visitors
Colin M. Hood, Student Council President

Committee on the Inaugural Academic Symposium (Focusing on Teaching)

Chair – Robert C. Pianta

J. Milton Adams, Provost Office
K. Lawerence “Lawrie” Balfour, Politics
Edward J. Berger, Engineering
Randolph J. Canterbury, Medicine
R. Edward Freeman, Graduate Business
Stefano Grazioli, Commerce
William H. Guilford, Biomedical Engineering
Kathryn H. Haugh, Nursing
Gail M. Hunger, Continuing and Professional Studies
Karen K. Inkelas, Associate Director of CASTL
Marcus L. Martin, Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity
Kirk Martini, Architecture
Farzaneh M. Milani, Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages
Caleb E. Nelson, Law
Michael S. Palmer, U.Va. Teaching Resource Center
Eric M. Patashnik, Leadership and Public Policy
Brooks H. Pate, Chemistry
Brian Pusser, Education, Faculty Senate Representative
Daniel T. Willingham, Psychology
Student Members:

Reginald G. Benbow, Jr., College A&S (Political and Social Thought)
Ruffin E. Evans, College A&S (Chemistry)
Matthew D. Lerner, Graduate A&S (Psychology)
Ami L. Riscassi, Graduate A&S (Environmental Sciences)

Leslie B. Duncan, Development Office
Joan B. Fry, President’s Office

Inauguration Subcommittee – Research/Scholarship Poster Competition

Chair – Thomas C. Skalak

Matthew A. Affron, Art
Daniel B. Berch, Education
Billy K. Cannaday, Jr., Continuing and Professional Studies
Phoebe A. Crisman, Architecture
W. Mark Crowell, Executive Director and Associate Vice President for Innovation
      Partnerships and Commercialization

Steven W. Floyd, Commerce
Claudrena N. Harold, History
Archie L. Holmes, Jr., Electrical Engineering
Michael J. Lenox, Graduate Business
Marcus L. Martin, Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity
Karen J. McGlathery, Environmental Sciences
Elizabeth I. Merwin, Nursing
Shayn M. Peirce-Cottler, Biomedical Engineering, Faculty Senate Representative
Dennis R. Proffit, Psychology
Kodi S. Ravichandran, Microbiology
Josipa Roksa, Sociology
Christopher J. Sprigman, Law
Elizabeth H. Turner, Vice Provost for the Arts
Dorothy Wong, Art
Student Members:

Katherine L. Becker
Yi Cai
Emma M. Mitchell


Joan B. Fry, President’s Office
Cheryl D. Wagner, Executive Secretary

Inauguration Subcommittee – Cavaliers Care: A Day of Service

Chair – Angela M. Davis (Special Assistant to the Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer)


Elizabeth E. Bass (Madison House)
Patricia L. “Trish” Cluff (Health System)
C. Thomas “Tom” Faulders III (Alumni Association)
Cynthia S. Frederick (Development)
Phillip A. Gates (Athletics)
Marcus L. Martin (Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity)
Karen L. Shaffer (Newcomb Hall)
Jerilyn F. Teahan (President’s Office)
Deborah A. van Eersel (University Foundation)
Ida Lee Wootten (Community Relations)

Employee Council/Staff Representative – Academic Division:

Timothy J. White (Human Resources)

Employee Council/Staff Representative – Health System:
Teresa C. Culbertson (Faculty and Employee Assistance Program)
Student Members:

Daniel A. Allen
Elizabeth S. “Lily” Bowles
Kelsey R. Host
Pratik A. Patel

Community Members:

Kathy Ralston (Director, Department of Social Services – County of Albemarle representative)
John R. Redick (President, Charlottesville Area Community Foundation – City of Charlottesville representative)
Cathy Smith Train (President, United Way – Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce representative)

Inauguration Subcommittee – Installation Ceremony and Logistics

Pamela W. Higgins, Chair

Marian L. Anderfuren (Public Affairs)
Jeanne F. Bailes (Board of Visitors Office)
Brent A. Beringer (Dining Services)
Michael A. Blakey (Police)
Kenna M. Boyd (Development)
Leslie M. Comstock-Tirrell (Rotunda)
Nargis J. Cross (President’s Office)
Leslie B. Duncan (Development)
Justina Duncan (Carr’s Hill)
Karin S. Evans (Development)
Kirby Felts (Emergency Preparedness)
Allen W. Groves (Student Affairs)
Ryan E. Hargraves (Undergraduate Admissions)
Harland D. Harris (Major Events)
Kelly A. Hogg (Printing & Copying Services)
Jay W. Klingel (Facilities Management)
Jason E. Life (Alumni Association)
Megan K. Lowe (Office of Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer)
Donald H. McGee (Police)
Michael B. Merriam (Facilities Management)
Jason Pedone (John Paul Jones Arena)
Edward R. Rivers (Intramurals)
Marjorie L. Sidebottom (Emergency Preparedness)
Stacy M. Smith (Carr’s Hill)
Jerilyn F. Teahan (President’s Office)
Pamela A. Wagner (Major Events)
Kim Wendel (Public Affairs)
Rebecca White (Parking & Transportation)
Sheri B. Winston (Public Affairs)
Carol S. Wood (Public Affairs)
Student Members:
Ann L. Baumer (President, Class of 2014)
A. Bolling McLemore (Trustee, Class of 2011)
Natalia Mercado (Vice President, Class of 2012)
Suraj K. Mishra (Vice President, Class of 2013)
Siddartha Pailla (Graduate Representative)

Student Participation Subcommittee

Stewart H. Ackerly, Chair (Graduate Representative)

Ann L. Baumer (Class of 2014)
Reginald G. Benbow, Jr. (Class of 2011)
Elizabeth S. Bowles (Class of 2012)
Yi Cai (Class of 2011)
Benjamin W. Chrisinger (Graduate Representative)
Ashley M. Cullop (Graduate Representative)
W. Penn Daniel (Class of 2011)
Colin M. Hood (Class of 2011)
Taylor V. Locks (Class of 2013)
Suraj K. Mishra (Class of 2013)
Siddartha Pailla (Graduate Representative)
Sharon M. Zanti (Class of 2011)