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Issuance and Expiration of Accounts

Effective: January 1, 1997

Procedure purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidance about to whom the University of Virginia will grant accounts on general-use computer services or systems operated by UVa's Information Technology Services (ITS), including the University electronic mail systems and UNIX systems that are managed by ITS. More specialized services offered by ITS, such as the HR/Finance and Student Information Systems, or specialized research computing resources, have their own, more specific procedures regarding access. For more information about specialized services, see the ITSWeb homepage. Information concerning general-use computer services or systems are contained in the following table:

Classification Procedures for Accounts Account Expiration
UVa Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional & Continuing Education Students Lifetime email account.
Other resources deleted when student becomes inactive at UVa.
Faculty & Staff
All accounts deleted when employee becomes inactive in the Human Resources (HR) system.
Retired University Faculty & Staff Account must be renewed annually.
Adjunct Faculty Department affiliation must be renewed each year to keep account active; non-active accounts are deleted.
Post-docs School or department is required to arrange for individual's information to be added to UVa database by submitting a request here.
All accounts deleted when individual is no longer affiliated with department. Department is required to submit a request for account deletion here.
Non-UVa Collaborator

Department is required to arrange for individual's information to be added to UVa database by chair/department head by submitting a request here.

Visiting Faculty
Contract Employee/Consultant
Development/University Foundation Employees Each department's Human Resources representative adds/deletes individual's information
Health System-related Affiliates or Foundation Employees

Contact Health System

University computing resources are not to be used by unauthorized persons. Failure to maintain proper security of your account, which can be used only by you, may result in its termination.

ITS purges the accounts of University account holders as guided by the timetable listed above. It is the responsibility of each individual account holder, prior to the end of their affiliation with the University, to save any important files stored in ITS accounts. See "Tying Up Loose Ends."

Requests for exceptions to ITS's accounts issuance and expiration procedure are submitted to and reviewed by the ISPRO Access Management Office All appeals and other requests requiring higher-level review are directed to Director for Information Security, Policy, and Access.

If you have an immediate need for an account to be restricted or deleted, please contact

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