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Procedure: Blocking a Device's Access to the UVa Network

Oversight: Chief Information Officer

Purpose: Define the procedure for blocking a device's access to the UVa network.

In cases where University network resources and privileges are threatened by improperly maintained computing devices, Information Technology Services (ITS) and Health Systems Technology Services (HSTS) may act on behalf of the University to eliminate the threat by working with the relevant device owner or overseer to quickly close security holes. In circumstances when these collaborative efforts fail or there is an urgent situation requiring immediate action and leaving no time for collaboration, the procedure that follows will be used. The procedure applies to any computing device connected to the University of Virginia network.

  1. Designated ITS and HSTS system administrators may block network access for a device to safeguard University resources and protect University privileges, as explained in the University-wide Security of Networked Devices policy. Which of the two IT organizations blocks access is dictated by the part of the network to which the offending device is connected.
  2. Such blocks will persist until the device problems have been resolved to the satisfaction of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the University or the Health Systems Chief Information Officer, as appropriate.

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Next Scheduled Review: February 2016

Revisions: February 2015

Effective: July 2001