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Darden Incubator Project “Coverplay” Seeking $30K on Kickstarter

A team out of the Darden School of Business incubator is looking to bring the world’s thinnest premium Bluetooth speakers to your living room, and they’re using Kickstarter to get there.

CoverPlay,” the Darden Business Incubator project developed by first-year Darden student David Marriott and his brothers Adam, Will, Wesley and Sean, is currently featured on the venture-funding website Kickstarter. CoverPlay’s product is the Mojo speaker: a high quality, “uber-portable” Bluetooth speaker that is only seven millimeters thick.

Kickstarter provides an online platform for entrepreneurs and others to solicit funding for their ideas. Its all-or-nothing model creates a lower-risk, highly motivating environment for both the project creators and the people supporting their ideas.

The Marriott brothers set their Kickstarter deadline for Jan. 3. Until then, anyone can contribute to their $30,000 funding goal. On their page, Marriott and his brothers provide incentives for contributing to their start-up: donors can vote on future speaker colors, buy a CoverPlay t-shirt or hat, or even pre-order the Mojo speaker.

Check out the video above that David and his brothers created to promote their project. Click here to go to their Kickstarter page.

16 Charlottesville Entrepreneurs Among CIT’s “GAP 50″

Breaking news: We’ve just received word from the Center for Innovative Technology‘s GAP 50 awards luncheon that 16 Charlottesville entrepreneurs made the list! These Charlottesville-based innovators and business leaders were selected by their peers as being among the top 50 “most likely to build Virginia’s next generation life science, technology, and energy companies”:

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists throughout Charlottesville and the commonwealth!

For more about CIT’s GAP 50 awards, visit For a list of all Charlottesville-area nominees, visit

Announcing U.Va.’s Research Reagent Directory

A new U.Va. resource is connecting academic, industry and clinical investigators with important tools to further their research. U.Va. Innovation’s new research reagent directory features more than 100 available antibodies, mouse strains and other tools developed by U.Va. researchers.

Reagents are used in all phases of life-science research, from basic science to translational research and human health products. These ubiquitous little guys can be used in a variety of ways — such as identifying the presence or location of a protein or other indicator in a sample — making them useful tools in studying cell behavior, diagnostics and many other areas.

We could go on and on about research reagents, but maybe you should just see for yourself.