Innovative U.Va. Product SpermCheck Fertility Hits Store Shelves

Move over, ovulation kits: A new product designed to help couples assess their fertility is now hitting store shelves.

SpermCheck Fertility, a product of innovative University of Virginia research developed by U.Va. spin-off ContraVac Inc., is an at-home diagnostic that allows men to gauge their fertility levels easily, non-invasively, inexpensively, and in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Marking an exciting milestone for the company — and couples everywhere who are trying to conceive — SpermCheck Fertility kits are now available online at Walgreen Co. and CVS Caremark Corp., hitting shelves at Walgreen’s 7,800 drugstores next month.

SpermCheck Fertility

SpermCheck Fertility, a male-fertility diagnostic based on U.Va. research, is now available online at Walgreen's and CVS.

For more information, see today’s article from Bloomberg News.

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