U.Va. Cancer Center to Partner with Virginia-based companies to improve care

An innovative new initiative at the University of Virginia Cancer Center is looking to accelerate the development of cancer treatments through public–private partnerships. The center’s Technology Partnership Initiative will fund research collaborations between U.Va. cancer researchers and Virginia-based technology or biotechnology companies.

“U.Va. is dedicated to advancing discovery through collaborations with industry,” said W. Mark Crowell, executive director of U.Va. Innovation and associate vice president for research at U.Va. “By paving the way for these innovative partnerships, the Technology Partnership Initiative is fostering the accelerated development of discoveries that could lead to new cancer treatments.”

The initiative will fund up to five partnerships at the $50,000 to $150,000 level. Letters of intent are due to the U.Va. Cancer Center by April 1, with full applications due May 15. For additional details and to apply, visit the application website.

For more information, see the U.Va. Health System News Release.


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