SXSW Eco to Feature U.Va. Bay Game

The U.Va. Bay Game, an interactive simulation based on the Chesapeake Watershed, will be featured at the second annual SXSW Eco conference October 3-5 in Austin, Texas. The three-day conference will address the need for a collaborative approach to solving the challenges facing the environment, the economy and civil society.

As an alternative to a traditional conference panel, the U.Va. Bay Game will be presented as an interactive session, in which attendees can sign up to participate in a simulation. CNN Correspondent and SXSW Eco alum Philippe Cousteau, head of Azure Worldwide, will lead two simulations of the interactive Bay Game, providing a unique platform for the project to attract more attention and resources.

The U.Va. Bay Game is sponsored by the U.Va. Vice President for Research in partnership with Azure Worldwide. For more, visit SXSW Eco or the U.Va. Bay Game.

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