Oct. 8-14, 1999
Vol. 29, Issue 32
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"Tipper" Gore visits U.Va.
Harrison grants to fund undergrad research
U.Va. men's basketball cited for violations
Workshop attendees look at potential growth avenues for science & technology
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Equal opportunity in U.Va. admissions

Film Festival to immerse filmgoers in technology
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Tom Cogill
Tom Cogill Mary Elizabeth "Tipper" Gore, wife of Vice President Al Gore, stumped for her husband's Democratic presidential nomination in Charlottesville last week. She also met at a coffee shop to talk politics with U.Va. students of Government professor Larry J. Sabato.

Harrison grants to fund undergrad research

Senate backs admissions resolution

By Dan Heuchert

Forty faculty members and a handful of reporters and photographers showed up in the Rotundaıs Dome Room for the Oct. 4 Faculty Senate meeting, anticipating that President John T. Casteen III might make additional comments on the current debate over admissions policies.

But Casteen chose to largely pass by the issue in his remarks, referring to his Sept. 30 written statement -- in which he termed the current policies ³legally defensible² and lauded their role in broadening the Universityıs culture (see page 3) -- and offered to answer any questions. Though the Senate later endorsed a resolution backing the Universityıs current admissions policies, previously released from its executive committee, the attention shifted to other issues.

The biggest splash came from the announcement that this yearıs David A. Harrison III teaching awards would go toward encouraging undergraduate research projects.

The Harrison fund provides $100,000 annually to encourage undergraduate instruction. In the programıs first two years, the funds went entirely to faculty members, but this yearıs grants are expected to provide $3,000 apiece to 25 undergraduate students and $1,000 each to their faculty advisers, to support research conducted either in the spring or summer of 2000. Full story.

U.Va. men's basketball cited for violations

U.Va. men's basketball cited for violations Staff Report he National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) announced Oct. 5 that the University of Virginia has been reprimanded for several secondary violations involving the men's basketball program.

"We acknowledge that serious mistakes were made and that the responsibility for those mistakes rests, not merely with our former basketball coaches, but with officials at all levels of the Department of Athletics, myself included," Athletics Director M. Terry Holland wrote to the NCAA enforcement staff Oct. 1. Full story.

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