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Balcony collapse lawsuits withdrawn

Virginia Attorney General Mark Earley announced last week that three of the pending lawsuits resulting from the collapse of the Pavilion I balcony during the 1997 Final Exercises have been withdrawn. The voluntary agreement allows more time for possible settlements. If none are reached, the suits can be re-filed by May 1.

"Our interest from the beginning has been in reaching a conclusion which would be fair and equitable to all parties involved," Earley said.

Thirteen of the 20 claims have been settled for a total of $601,500, with the average amount being about $45,000 per claim. Voluntary withdrawal of two remaining lawsuits is being considered, according to the attorney general's office.

The balcony fell when one of the original wrought-iron support rods from Jefferson's era gave way, having corroded over time. One person died and 18 others were injured as a result. Since then, support rods in all similar balconies have been replaced.

Calling volunteers

U.Va. students, staff and faculty are invited to volunteer for "Make A Difference Day" on Oct. 23. Among the diverse projects planned to benefit people in the Charlottesville area are repairing and painting a whole street of houses, refinishing playground equipment, painting over graffiti, visiting the elderly and tutoring children.

For information, contact Frank Griffiths at 984-4047.


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