Oct. 22-28, 1999
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Technology feedback
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Technology feedback

The University Committee on Information Technology is seeking feedback from anyone at U.Va. who is interested in commenting on its draft strategic plan for the use of information technology in the 21st century. To read the plan and access the feedback web form, see http://www.itc.virginia.edu/department/committees/ucit/

"Our goal for the coming millennium should be nothing less than to position the University as the leader among colleges and universities in using information technology," the committee says in the executive summary. To achieve this, information technology must be available as a matter of course to everyone; and information and applications should be available without delays or limitations imposed by hardware, software or technical support, the summary says.

The plan presents specific goals and recommendations to achieve and maintain excellence in information technology in support of teaching and learning, research and scholarly work, departmental and administrative services and systems, local and global access to the University's resources, and promoting the use of technology throughout the commonwealth.


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