Oct. 22-28, 1999
U.Va. board stands by admission policy, vows to defend consideration of race
Technology feedback
Students mull honor system reforms, fate of single sanction

Hot Links - e-summit

Q&A - Darden Dean Ted Snyder
Faculty Actions from the October BOV meeting
Zintl Award calls for nominations
Celebrate poetry and jazz with Gwendolyn Brooks and Harry James

Hot Links

The home page for the e-summit, a University-wide conference focusing on the Digital Age and its role in a Jeffersonian democracy, offers a complete schedule; biographies of the participants, many of whom are University alumni leading the Internet revolution; and information on how to attend, among other valuable bytes. The conference will be held Nov. 12-13, and if you canšt make it in person, the proceedings will be carried on a live videostream


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