Nov. 19-Dec. 2, 1999
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Legal and regulatory issues

In the session on legal and regulatory issues, moderated by law professor Glen O. Robinson, speakers and the audience agreed that the Internet and technology are developing so fast that a legal consensus hasn't been reached in numerous areas of the law, including commerce, monopolies, taxation, intellectual property, pornography, libel and government regulations. Robinson noted that although many of the legal issues are traditional, consensus and enforcement are difficult in a global environment where even the origin of information often isn't clear.

Michael S. McQuary (Col '81), president and COO of MindSpring Enterprises suggested, though, that the Internet is simply "old wine in new bottles" and that many of the issues will sort themselves out if treated as part of "regular society." He advocated for governments to "let it self-regulate" as much as possible. "It truly is one of the most democratic vehicles there is to act in the common good," McQuary said.

Jonathon B. Sallet (Law '78), vice president of MCI WorldCom, told the many law students in the audience that the myriad legal issues involving the Internet were obviously key ones to be specializing in today. Rather than be left behind, the law has got to change because the Internet will keep on going, he said.

-- Robert Brickhouse


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