Dec. 10, 1999-Jan. 13, 2000
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Entrepreneurial spirit continues to feed Frank Batten's success

U.Va. is ready for Y2K -- are you?

U.Va.'s mission-critical computer systems are ready to ring in the new year without stumbling over the date. They've been upgraded or replaced, tested and re-tested and certified as Year 2000-compliant by the state and other outside experts. Departments throughout the University have assessed personal computers and other equipment to assure that they won't lose data or be unable to function properly.

But no one can guarantee that absolutely everything will run perfectly, without a hitch. Expect a few problems in early January, if only because equipment malfunctions every day for reasons having nothing to do with the year 2000.

Last-minute reminder

At work, remember to back up your essential data and turn off your computer before you leave for the holidays. Make sure that your department's emergency plans and staff contact lists are up-to-date. Know who will be in town over the holiday weekend in case something needs to be done before the University gets back to business on Jan. 4 or before the spring semester begins on Jan. 12.

Think about the turn of the century as if it's a predicted snow storm. At home, have a few days' nonperishable food, medicine, and other essential supplies on hand, just in case artificial demand causes shortages in the stores. If you can, buy these extras now.

For more information

  • Any changes in the University's schedule or other operations will be recorded on the usual weather announcement lines, 924-SNOW or 243-SNOW. Major changes will also be announced to the local

  • The University's webmaster will post updates at Major changes will be announced on the U.Va. home page,

  • For more detailed information, go to ITC's site at 2000/

  • Specific questions can be e-mailed to

    Who to Call

If, despite all the careful planning, you notice an unusual problem with your desktop computer or with a computer-regulated building system when you return to work, call one of the following for help:

ITC Help Desk, 924-3731

Medical Center Computing, 924-5334

Facilities Management, 924-1777

Medical Center Facilities Services, 924-5527

University Police, 911 or 9-911

U.Va. Police (administrative), 924-7166

Health System Security, 924-5048


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