Jan. 21-27, 2000
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New pay plan adds flexibility in negotiating salaries
Digital scholarship gets boost from Mellon Foundation grant
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Presidential moments
Egyptian President Anwar Sadat (left), U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin make a three-way handshake during the White House signing of the Middle East peace accord in March 1979. The Miller Center will host a photographic exhibit, "TIME and The Presidency" Jan. 31­March 25. See Time magazine photo exhibit captures memorable moments of U.S. presidents.

New pay plan adds flexibility in negotiating salaries

By Dan Heuchert

A proposed overhaul of the state classified employee compensation system will reward performance and provide greater flexibility for employees and employers, one of its chief architects said this week.

Among the plan's major recommendations: the collapsing of the current 23 pay grades into eight broad, stepless pay bands; the overhaul of 1,650 job classifications into 275 "job roles"; and a strong recommendation in favor of performance-based bonuses and increases instead of across-the-board pay raises.

Employees will be asked to assess their own performances as well as that of their supervisors. The rating scale itself will offer three options -- "extraordinary contributor," "contributor' and "below contributor" -- rather than the current five, and raises and bonuses will be allocated using a formula based upon those ratings.

The state Commission on Reform of the Classified Compensation Plan endorsed the proposal Jan. 14 and forwarded it to the governor and General Assembly, where it is expected to draw substantial support.

While the new plan will drastically change the way in which classified employees' pay is determined, implementing it will not change the amount they are paid right away, said Thomas E. Gausvik, the University's chief human resource officer, who had a major role in shaping the new plan as chair of the commission's technical advisory committee. Full story.

Digital scholarship gets boost from Mellon Foundation grant

Staff Report

The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) has received a $1 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support scholarly research based on digital primary resources.

The project will address new technical, procedural and social issues that arise when scholars and libraries jointly create, maintain and edit electronic data, said IATH director John Unsworth. The institute will work in partnership with the University Library in a three-year project supporting scholarly use of digital images, texts, maps, models and other materials. Some of these materials already reside in library collections, but others will be developed and added to library collections, along with the electronic publications resulting from research.

"We are very pleased to have their support in turning our attention to the next generation of digital library issues -- the issues that will inevitably arise once scholars everywhere begin using digital primary resources in the way that scholars at the University already do," Unsworth said.

Among key issues scholars and librarians face are how to handle changes in updated and revised electronic materials and how to devise new classification schemes when needed for new types of digital research, Unsworth said. Full story.

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