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Faculty senate announces recipients of the 1999-2000 David A. Harrison III Awards for Undergraduate Research

The Faculty Senate would like to commend the many University undergraduates who applied for these awards; the very large number of applications is an inspiring testimonial to the creativity and diverse abilities among our students, and we regret that there were only 25 awards that could be made. We hope that funds can be found to support many more student research projects in the future.


Award Winners
Name Department Title


Bradley P. Barnett

College/Echols Scholar "Shelter From the Storm"
John D. Bass Chemical Engineering "Polymeric Membranes Containing Electroactive Carriers for Cation Separations"
Andrea L. Benvin Chemistry "Application of Cd NMR Spectroscopy to the Study of Zinc"
Andrew R. Blossom African-American Studies "Representations of African Identity in World Film"
Juliana M. Boucher English & American Studies "The Photoplay Movement of the 1920s & Its Repercussions on Literature., Film & Culture"
David A. Britz Mechanical Engineering "Design & Characterization of a Novel Aerogel Composite"
John M. Corcoran History "Re-examining the Russian Land Reforms, 1907-08"
Jennifer R. Cortese CLAS/Echols Scholar "A Medicinal Mosaic: Understanding Health Care Obstacles in Kenya"
Steven M. Crawford Astronomy "UBVRI Galaxy Counts"
Melissa G. Grieves History "Orientis Fideles: On the Eastern Catholic Churches in America"
Benjamin L. Hallen Electrical Engineering "Perception Simplification of Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics"
Rangina Hamidi Women's Studies "Women and the Taliban Movement"
Jennifer A. Johnson CLAS/Curry School "Investigation of the Recruitment of Minorities into the Teaching Profession"
Patryk A. Laurent CLAS/Cognitive Sciences "Relating Markov Models, Syntax, Semantics & Hierarchical Clustering ..."
Peter A. Locke Anthropology "The Role of the Gaelic Language in Scottish Nationalism"
Jeffrey I. Marcus Architecture "Defending Public Realm: Providing Security While Representing Democracy"
Lindsay K. McCulloch Italian Languages & Lit. "Dante's Inferno: A Case Study"
Elsa A. Olivetti Materials Science "Can Bacteria Clean up Groundwater Contamination?"
Joshua H. Orr and Sean S. Suder Architecture "Industrial Politics & Economic Survival in Weirton, West Virginia"
David Z. Rose Biology "Genes that Organize Neural Tissue in Frog Embryos"
Matthew A. Sachs Environmental Sciences "Determining the Amt. & Quality of Photochemical Radiation in a Small Forest"
Lynette R. Sobehart Environmental Sciences "Examining Change in Tree Distribution Along the Kalahari Transect"
Stephanie L. Taylor Studies in Women & Gender "Half-Life: The Project of Emilie de Chatelet"
Gaurav Raina-Thapan Government & Foreign Affrs. "A Case Study of Russia, Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan"
Danna M. Weiss Religious Studies "Talmudic Exegesis with Poetic Response in Jerusalem"


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