Feb. 11-17, 2000
Research park planned for Blue Ridge Hospital site
State to match employees' retirement contributions

Hazardous waste policy leaves no bottle uncapped

Wanted: Outstanding employee nominations
Hot Links - Mentorville
Lay explores Albemarle's varied architectural styles in new book
Valmarana's legacy to the University: Showing architecture students the real Palladio in Italy
Virginians heading for the suburbs
Principal job opening
Off the Shelf - recently published books by U.Va. faculty and staff
Looking at today's Aboriginal art
Resource Fair set for March 14

Henry J. Abraham, Emeritus Professor of Government and Politics. Justices, Presidents, and Senators: A History of the U.S. Supreme Court Appointments from Washington to Clinton, 2nd ed. Rowman and Littlefield.

C. Knight Aldrich, professor emeritus of psychiatry. Medical Interviewing: Gateway to the Doctor-Patient Relationship, 2nd ed., Parthenon Publishing, and Quest for a Star: The Letters and Diaries of Colonel Francis T. Sherman of the 88th Illinois. University of Tennessee.

Anita Clayton, associate professor and vice chairman of psychiatry; Drew Pinsky, host of MTV's "Loveline"; et al. Restoring Intimacy: The Patient's Guide to Maintaining Relationships During Depression. The National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association.

George Garrett, Hoyns Professor of Creative Writing, ed. The Yellow Shoe Poets 1964-1999: Selected Poems. Louisiana State University.

Richard Handler, professor of anthropology, ed. Excluded Ancestors, Inventible Traditions: Essays Toward a More Inclusive History of Anthropology. University of Wisconsin.

This book focuses on little-known scholars who contributed to the anthropological work of their time; a final essay analyzes the formation of the anthropological canon for highland New Guinea.

C. Brian Kelly, lecturer in newswriting, and Ingrid Smyer-Kelly (CLAS 1981). Best Little Stories from the White House, with First Ladies in Review (an expanded edition of a book the couple self-published in 1992). Cumberland House Publishing.

David Kovacs, professor of classics, ed. Euripides: Trojan Women, Iphigenia Among the Taurians, Ion. Harvard University.

Deborah E. McDowell, English professor, ed. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave. Oxford University.

J. Jenry Morsman IV, William B. McAllister and Marva A Barnett, eds. Reflections on Teaching: Personal Essays on the Scholarship of Teaching. Teaching Resource Center, University of Virginia.

Robert C. Pianta, Curry professor of education and human services, and Martha J. Cox, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, eds. The Transition to Kindergarten. Brookes Publishing Co.

Children's transitions to kindergarten are smoothest when their families have already established strong relationships with the school and the community.

Merrill D. Peterson, professor of history emeritus. Coming of Age with the New Republic, 1938-1950. University of Missouri.

The author traces how The New Republic influenced his progress from a young Kansas Republican to a "Left Liberal" Democrat.

John Portmann, executive assistant to the provost and U.Va. Ph.D. in religious studies, '95. When Bad Things Happen to Other People. Routledge.

What is it in human nature that makes us derive pleasure from others', even friends', suffering? Portmann tries to answer that question.

William C. Saslaw, astronomy professor. The Distribution of the Galaxies: Gravitational Clustering in Cosmology. Cambridge University.

Elizabeth Thompson, assistant professor of history. Colonial Citizens: Republican Rights and Paternal Privilege in French Syria and Lebanon. Columbia University.

Herbert Tucker, English professor, ed. A Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture. Blackwell.

Jennings L. Wagoner Jr., professor in the Curry School of Education, and Wayne Urban, Georgia State University. American Education, A History, 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill.

Barbara Haley Wixom, assistant professor in the McIntire School of Commerce, and Alan Dennis of the University of Georgia. Systems Analysis and Design: An Applied Approach. John Wiley & Sons.


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