May 5-11, 2000
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"Give Air a 'Brake" on May 10

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Nancy Hurrelbrinck
Ruth Stornetta, pharmocology research professor (far left), education professor John B. Bunch, biology professor Robert H. Kretsinger, pharmocology professor Carl E. Creutz, and many other faculty and staff at U.Va. commute to work by bicycle year-round.

"Give Air a 'Brake'" on May 10

With Charlottesville bedecked in lacy dogwoods and dazzling azaleas, what better time than mid-May to try a more leisurely (and less polluting) means of getting to work? "Give Air a 'Brake'" Day encourages Charlottesville-area workers to try something different when going to work May 10. Sponsored by the American Lung Association, the program is designed to encourage commuters to use alternate means to driving alone, thus reducing air pollution and traffic congestion.

Employees who bike, walk, carpool or take the bus to work on May 10 will be eligible for prize drawings. In addition, the department within each employee communications council with the best record of commuter participation will be recognized. The most creative commuter -- the person who gets to work in the most unusual way -- and all department coordinators of this project will be eligible for additional prizes and awards.

Prizes include Plan 9 gift certificates, running shoes, hiking gear and cash. The grand prize is round trip airfare for two to New York, $500 cash and a carriage ride through Central Park.

For information, call Employee Relations at 924-4430.


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