June 23-July 6, 2000
Vol. 30, Issue 21
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A fresh perspective
Board approves endowment payout of almost $14 million
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Tom Cogill

A fresh perspective

Artist Lincoln Perry, standing in front of the scaffold, gets some help installing the mural he painted to give the Old Cabell Hall lobby a fresh perspective. In 11 vivid panels, he depicts the education of a female U.Va. student seen in each panel, with the Lawn and Blue Ridge Mountains as backdrop and the University's founder as inspiration. "Thomas Jefferson's metaphoric use of space, where changes in level, direction and vista evoke ethical choice in the passage through life, can be echoed in a ... sequence of monumental images," Perry wrote in a description of the work, which he began more than three years ago. A group of U.Va. benefactors, including local residents Ruth and Robert Cross, Gertrude Weber, Commonwealth Professor of Architecture Richard Guy Wilson, and Dr. Donald J. Innes, a pathology professor who chaired the project, commissioned the work and raised the funds to pay for it. A ceremonial dedication is being planned for the fall.

Board approves endowment payout of almost $14 million

Staff Reports

The Board of Visitors' responses to a rosy financial picture contrasted with its scrutiny of some of the University's financial structures at the June 15-17 meeting.

The board approved the distribution of an increase of 30 percent of this year's endowment income to pour up to $13.6 million more into the deans' coffers and authorized up to $3 million to be used for Medical Center personnel initiatives, along with approving a $1.26 billion budget for 2000-01. Full story.

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