Aug. 25-31, 2000
Vol. 30, Issue 26
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Cabell Hall mural expands horizons

Tom Cogill
Lincoln Perry's mural, "The Student's Progress," depicts a young woman's journey at U.Va., complete with its ups and downs. Here in the middle panel, the red-headed woman holding the violin (at far right), who appears in all 11 panels, contemplates the world beyond the academic setting. The mural, which was installed in June, complements George Breck's copy of Raphael's "School of Athens" inside the Cabell Hall auditorium. See summer review.

By Jane Ford

When you step into Old Cabell Hall, prepare to be drawn into a view that expands the horizon: "The Student's Progress," an 11-panel mural created by artist Lincoln Perry graces the lobby. The artist has incorporated its architecture so that the attached columns between the panels frame the picture and seem to be part of it.

"When you walk in the lobby, I want you to get some sort of Jeffersonian feeling that you are surrounded by the building but released into the world ... you are released out into the landscape, out into the mountains," said Perry in an interview while installing the mural in June.

The subject of the murals is the education of a student at the University of Virginia. The female student moves from being an individual who does not fit in and does not know her place in the world to being a more mature person who has gone through self-discovery in her pursuit of knowledge.

A group of U.Va. benefactors commissioned the work and raised the funds to pay for it, including local residents Ruth and Robert Cross, Gertrude Weber, Commonwealth Professor of Architecture Richard Guy Wilson, and Dr. Donald J. Innes, a pathology professor who chaired the project.

A ceremonial dedication is being planned for Dec. 1.

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