Sept. 1-7, 2000
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Stephanie Gross
Dunglison resident advisers greet first-year students and their families Aug. 26.

Profile of entering class

The entering class is expected to be more diverse than last year's class, said Dean of Admission John A. Blackburn. Among those expected in the class of 2004 are 294 African-American students, 350 Asian-American students and 98 Hispanic-American students. Last year there were 284 African-American students, 289 Asian-American students and 77 Hispanic-American students.

About 142 international students are expected among the first-year undergraduate class; last year 134 international students were in the entering class.

Just over 82 percent of the in-coming students were ranked in the top 10 percent of their class -- a slight increase over last year's entering class. Twenty-nine percent of the new undergraduates were in the top 1 percent of their class, compared to 21 percent last year. The middle 50 percent of the combined SAT scores for the entering class was 1,220-1,410.

One distinguishing characteristic of the entering class is that there will be more male students this year than in last year's class. "The percentage of males in last year's entering class, 44 percent, was the lowest in U.Va.'s history. We anticipate this year's entering class will be 46 percent male," Blackburn said.

Just over 67 percent, or 1,999 students in the entering class, will be Virginia residents.

U.Va. police estimate that the annual "Move-In Day" brought about 5,000 cars and 12,000 people to Grounds last Saturday. About 20 police officers were on duty from 6:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. along Emmet, McCormick, Stadium and Alderman roads to assist in traffic flow.

Projected enrollment

Undergraduate students ....12, 521 First-year students ...............2,930
New transfer students ..............535
Graduate students ................4,089 Professional students
on-Grounds continuing ........ 1,635
Education students ..................416
On-Grounds tota ................ 18,661
Off-Grounds ...........................3,600



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