Sept. 15-21, 2000
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Casteen talks about changing leadership at the University
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New GI clinic for women, staffed by women, opens
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Jerome McGann, John Stewart Bryan University Professor. Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the Game That Must Be Lost. Yale University Press. McGann also edited Lord Byron: The Major Works. Oxford University Press.

Eileen Boris, professor of studies in women and gender, and Angelique Janssens, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, Netherlands. Complicating Categories: Gender, Class, Race, and Ethnicity. Cambridge University Press.

Thomas Epps, professor of economics. Pricing Derivative Securities. World Scientific Publishing Company.

Deborah W. Parker, associate professor of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Bronzino: Renaissance Painter as Poet. Cambridge University Press.

Paul W. Kingston, associate professor of sociology. The Classless Society. Stanford University Press.

Margaret Grogan, associate professor in the Curry School of Education, Mary E. Gardiner of Washington State University, and Ernestine Enomoto of the University of Hawaiši at Manoa. Coloring Outside the Lines: Mentoring Women into School Leadership. State University of New York Press.

A critical look at mentoring from the perspective of women historically marginalized in school leadership.

Karen Chase, professor of English, and Michael Levenson, professor of English. The Spectacle of Intimacy: A Public Life for the Victorian Family. Princeton University Press.

The Victorians romanticized the family in every medium from novels to government reports, to the point where families felt anxious and the public developed an appetite for scandal.

Rita Felski, professor of English. Doing Time: Feminist Theory and Postmodern Culture. New York University Press.

Byron C. Hulsey, assistant director of Jefferson Scholars Foundation. Everett Dirksen and His Presidents: How a Giant Shaped American Politics. University Press of Kansas.

Rita Dove, English professor. The Darker Face of the Earth (new and revised edition). Story Line Press.

Peter L. Sheras, associate professor in the Curry School of Education, Phyllis Koch-Sheras, clinical psychologist, and Amy Lemley, writer. The Dream Sourcebook Journal, 2nd ed. Lowell House.

Dale C. Copeland, associate professor of government and foreign affairs. The Origins of Major War. Cornell University Press.

H.L. Seneviratne, associate professor of anthropology. The Work of Kings: The New Buddhism in Sri Lanka. University of Chicago Press.



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