Sept. 15-21, 2000
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Mellon estate gives $20 million for prostate cancer research
Medical School adopts new, integrated curriculum
Going for the gold

Hot Links -- University Library's new home page

Casteen talks about changing leadership at the University
Faculty Senate looks at how to enhance University's excellence with diversity
New GI clinic for women, staffed by women, opens
Notable -- awards and achievements of faculty and staff
In Memoriam
Garrett gets governor's award
'Charlottesville Collects' opens at Bayly
Group forming
Film on Paul Bowles kicks off Film Society's season
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A library is nothing if not a reference source, and the University Library's new home page reflects that mission. Beyond a jazzed-up appearance, the new site features loads of links, plus two search engines: VIRGO, to search the library's holdings, and another to search the library's web. A "spotlight" section highlights current exhibits and other items of interest. Itıs a must-bookmark for serious scholars.

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