Sept. 22-28, 2000
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New center uses nurses' expertise

Staff report

A manufacturer has a new health care product nearly ready for the market. But first, there are some pressing questions that need to be answered:

Will it work? Will people use it?

The School of Nursing recently established the Health Care Product Evaluation Center to help companies answer questions about the effectiveness, marketability and safety of their medical products and devices through an appropriate, impartial and competent evaluation.

"The center hopes to draw attention to the vast expert resources and talents available within the School of Nursing, the U.Va. Health System, and Martha Jefferson Hospital's professional nurse organizations," said assistant nursing professor Deborah Conway, the center's director. "This is an opportunity for nurses to have a viable forum to share their opinions about products they might use every day, and for the school to build long-term relationships with the corporate sector."

In January, the center participated in an evaluation of disposable safety devices developed by Terumo Medical Corporation of Japan, a company that manufactures and markets an array of medical products and devices. Volunteer participants -- including nurses from the U.Va. Health System, nurse professionals from the Charlottesville community, and Nursing School faculty and students -- were divided into two groups. They witnessed a demonstration of Terumo's products and those of two other leading competitors, were able to try them, completed questionnaires and participated in focus groups.

The center conducts evaluations under strict confidentiality guidelines. To avoid conflict of interest or ethical concerns, it offers neither endorsements of products it evaluates nor negative position statements. All of the center's work is completed on a contractual basis and governed by established guidelines administered through the Office of Sponsored Programs and the school's Center for Nursing Research.

The center is seeking current and former nurses and other qualified Health System employees to serve as focus group participants or to provide specific counsel on a given center project. For information, contact Conway at 924-0103.



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