Sept. 22-28, 2000
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Engineers awarded NSF grants in information technology
U.Va.'s new online finance system nearing completion
New center uses nurses' expertise

The true story of the Alderman map thief

In Memoriam
Writer's Eye competition opens Sept. 25
Hot Links - "ClarkCam"
Q&A - Turner's passion produces results for Arican-American students
Foreign TV programs offered on Grounds
Need CA$H?
Researcher to speak on DNA study of Jefferson descendants
Upstart Aussies troupe to perform in Charlottesville
After Hours - Berdel finds peace of mind and body through t'ai chi ch'uan
U.Va. among six centers studying heart disease in diabetics

The denizens of Clark Hall are pretty excited about the expansion project -- so excited, in fact, that they set up a "ClarkCam," allowing the world to track, via the Web, the construction going on outside their back window. The site includes a link to hour-by-hour and day-by-day archives. The project, which will provide more space for the environmental sciences department and the Science-Engineering Library, is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2002.



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