Sept. 22-28, 2000
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Foreign TV programs offered on Grounds

What happened today in Azerbaijan, Cuba, Israel, Turkey or Vietnam? Foreign language students and others can now get news and popular television from abroad through shows broadcast on U.Va.'s cable TV channels.

Flag of Turkey

Based on an International Activities Planning Commission recommendation championed by its chair, Brantly Womack, the University is subscribing to SCOLA, a non-profit organization that transmits international television programs for educational use via satellite. The programming includes news, documentaries and entertainment from about 60 countries, with more being added regularly. SCOLA digitally transmits three channels that U.Va. airs on ITC cable channels 45, 46 and 47. U.Va. previously carried only one channel. They are available in the residence halls and several places around Grounds.

Flag of Israel

"It's a great resource for U.Va. to have, for faculty, foreign visitors and students, especially international students. It can be used in myriad ways," said Rachel Saury, director of the Arts & Sciences Center for Instructional Technologies. Individuals can watch shows at the foreign language lab, and the center makes copies of programs in languages taught at U.Va. and keeps them for a week, she said.

To find out if a particular room on Grounds is wired for SCOLA offerings, call the ITC help desk at 924-3731.



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