Nov. 3-9, 2000
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Arts & Sciences faculty pans split-school notion
Scientist receives presidential award
Spread of flu in families reduced with new drug

Notable - awards and achievements of faculty and staff

Sabato: And the next president will be ...
U.S. Senate campaign seen as negative but fair
Wegman shows witty films, photos, drawings and paintings
Documentary revises Disney myth
Advice for budding screenwriters
Bellah to speak on Protestantism and multiculturalism
Training women for top-level education posts
New pay plan sessions
Forums on Virginia 2020 commissions
Hot Links - ITC's e-magazine
Conference explores pros and cons of marriage
Grounds serve as labs for class research

New pay plan sessions

University Human Resources has scheduled additional information sessions on the new classified pay plan for employees who did not attend one of the earlier sessions. Follow-up sessions have also been scheduled for those who have questions about the plan.

Nov. 13 & Dec. 4. Open sessions. 10 a.m.-noon, Newcomb Hall Commonwealth Room.

Nov. 13 & Dec. 4. Follow-up sessions. 1-2 p.m., Newcomb Hall Commonwealth Room.


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